Marshal Moo Montana is the leader of the C.O.W.-Boys. And he is also known as mature, adventurous, rational, strong-willed, heroic, athletic, loving, modest, optimistic, observant, merciful, organized, nice, thoughtful, affectionate, noble, austere, magnanimous, altruistic, respectful, serious-minded, honorable, accountable, laid-back, music-loving, outgoing, open-minded, mild-mannered, outspoken, no-nonsense, trustworthy, aspiring, nurturing and artistic. He is 26 years old. Voiced by Pat Fraley.

Moo was raised in Miller Glen, and taught everything he knows by Sheriff T-Bone.

He goes by the Code Of the West, which he seems to make up as he goes along. Ex."The Big Cow Wow".

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